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Is Fall Alarm a Chicken Rib for GPS Trackers?



V28 SOS Alzheimer's Anti Lost Personal GPS Tracker
Fall Alarm-with a built-in G-Sensor, will send you an alert when it detected a fall down. It is not a new concept. But with long-times testing reserching, the accuracy has been increase by times. You can choose the sensivity level. With this, you can avoid some mistake alarm by waggling.

It is strongly suggested that all eldely should wear a GPS Tracker with fall alarm, especially those who live alone. We have read so many news about elderly fall down in their own house or somewhere people unnoticed. These are always sad news. And with our fall alarm GPS Trackers, we can avoid so many accidents by coming to their rescue in time.

Sharing is caring. Let’s bring the elderly more warmth in there twilight years.

Simply Classic

Products with Fall Alarm:

EV07w 3G Kids Elder GPS Tracker with SOS Button

EV07w 3G Kids Elder GPS Tracker with SOS Button

V28 SOS Alzheimer's Anti Lost Personal GPS Tracker

V28 SOS Alzheimer’s Anti Lost Personal GPS Tracker

V42 Fall Alarm Hidden Mini 3G Personal GPS Tracker With Camera

V42 Fall Alarm Hidden Mini 3G Personal GPS Tracker With Camera

November 2017

To Know GPS Tracker, To Know Simply Classic

To Know GPS Tracker, To Know Simply Classic

I What is GPS Tracker?

To make it simply:
GPS Tracker is a device with built-in GPS module and mobile communication module.It obtains the positioning data (through the GPS module) and then send it through the mobile communication module (gsm / gprs network) to a server on the Internet, which can be achieved in the computer or Query the terminal location on the phone.
This kind of device is widely used on vehicle, people and pet and will raise increasing notice in the next few years.

II How does it work?

Tracker send the data (via GPRS ) to the server (24 hours-running). The sever will save the data so that users can track the device of check historical route through Web, App or PC Platform any anytime.

When the user want to track a device, he will get the data from the server. Load Google Maps on his computer, the positioning data and the status of device will show on the map.

GPS Tracking Device Solution

GPS Tracking Device Solution



III Why Simply Classic?
Shenzhen Simply Classic Technology Co., Ltd starts from a SMT factory, accept all kinds of GPS OEM orders in China. After 8 years’ accumulating, SC starts its own production line of GPS Trackers from 2007. And with it’s experienced R&D, Sales, after-sales teams, SC aims to provides customers with high-quality personal, pet, vehicle gps trackers, solutions and best services.

Products & Services

After a long-term research on the market and customer experience, SC designed a series of high-quality multifunctional, user-friendly and environmental-friendly Trackers for vehicle, people and pet. And we will keep leaning and developing.

1, For elderly: fall detection, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, big sos button.
2, For Kids: Removing alarm, two-way intercom, cute design.
3, For vehicle: fast tracking, vibration alarm, diagnostic function, fuel sensor.
4, For all: Long Life Battery, high grade waterproof, accurate location, smart tracking modes.

SC provides free online tracking platform and Applications. A professional engineer team will be there to help clients with server configuration, platform maintaining and other things related.

Quality is our culture. Best service is our permanent pursuit. SC will treasure and support each and every client, friends with high-quality products, competitive price and our sincere service.

Welcome to Simply Classic.

June 2017