About Us


Who are we?

We are an industry leading HK-owned company which markets and manufactures a wide range of GPS Trackers for Kids, Pets, Vehicles etc.

With facilities in both the HongKong and Shenzhen, we are able to provide you, our customers, with highly efficient, fast shipping and one-stop services.

We hope to make your experience with Simply.Classic a remarkable one.


What makes us different?

We update our inventory weekly which ensures that we can provide a vast variety of unique products to our customers.

We have a simple interface for easy use and best of all, we ensure consistency in all our transactions which is the key to our success and which enables us to maintain a reputable name in today’s over-saturated market.

1. We are the direct manufacturer with 10+ designers, 20+ engineers, 100+ factory workers

2. We have 8 years GPS Tracking Device & Solution experience

3. We dedicate to bringing reliable products and customized solutions , developing the firmware & software that specifically meet your needs

4. We provide One Year Warranty for all devices

5. We provide Free App and platform for 90% devices

6. We provide Toll-free technical support and programming service

7. We provide special prices and services to our strategy Partners and Deals

8. Your business will benefit from our GPS Tracking device & solution

We thank you greatly for your interest as we would not be a successful company without you!

Best regards,

The Simply.Classic Team